Sr. Technical Documentation Engineer

Sr. Technical Documentation Engineer


FT or PT, Contract


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About Accumulate 

Accumulate is an open-source, high performance blockchain for DeFi, integrating blockchains, protocols, oracles, and applications. Accumulate shifts the paradigm for how blockchains manage data, tokens, and users. 

About DeFi Devs  

The DeFi Devs mission is to build the bridge to the digital economy where all value can flow freely. We’re a highly technical, globally distributed group of teams working together toward actualizing that mission. In doing so, we’re excited and proud to be pushing the envelope across the DeFi ecosystem.  


Accumulate is a fast-moving product and the software is constantly changing.

The documentation is one of the main ways developers learn about the Accumulate protocol, how it works, and how to build on it.

The Sr. Technical Documentation Engineer should be able to understand the needs of the documentation’s target audience (software developers building on the core Accumulate protocol) and actively consider what additions and changes to the content in the knowledge base will help the audience accomplish their goals.

You will have ownership for creating documentation, writing and updating user guides, developer documentation, API references

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with engineering and product teams to create and manage backlog of documentation needs.
  • Write well-structured and concise protocol and API documentation to enable efficient, scalable content.
  • Write informative and easy-to-follow usage and setup guides.
  • Regularly review the documentation and conduct routine audits to ensure continued accuracy and relevance
  • Create a variety of content, including but not limited to docs, blogs, books, tutorials, videos, and reference applications
  • Step into a wider range of technical writing work, helping to build open-source projects, and learning products.
  • Ensure consistency in voice, tone, and language  
  • Publish and maintain templates that will help scale the written documentation  
  • Create, develop, and design public-facing accessible written content and documentation to enhance the experience for our community of developers 
  • Contribute to tools and processes that make documentation and software development more efficient, scalable, and collaborative 


The successful candidate will be a self-starter, able to work autonomously to push forward the goals of the company, and will have: 

  • 2+ years of technical writing experience
  • Demonstrable experience writing API documentation or other developer-focused documentation
  • Experience owning the end-to-end documentation creation process
  • Ability to interpret example code written in multiple programming languages
  • Ability to test API calls and familiar with CLIs.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience working in a startup environment is a plus
  • Enthusiasm for the blockchain field is a plus


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